About Fresh Load

Fresh Load is a mobile laundry service in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our goal is to become a solution to the need of 'keeping the essential things, essential'. Simple as that, our job is to take a LOAD off of your plate so that you can be the best mom, run a business, do great in school with ease. Our service is for anyone. From the soccer teams jerseys for Saturdays game, to the single business professional's work clothes, to all of the things for the family of five. We are here for you! 

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Our Process

You hate laundry, but we love it. We’re obsessed with laundry, care to every detail, and deliver nothing but perfection—clean, fresh, and folded to a T. 

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Book a Pick Up Time

To start, book a time that works best with your schedule.

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Pick Up

Place your laundry in a bag in front of your front door, at least 5 minutes before your chosen pick up time, along with your preferred detergent.

Wash & Fold

We will wash and fold your load(s) with your specific preferences in mind.

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Expect to have your fresh load returned to your doorstep up to 24 hours after pick up. And don't worry, we'll alert you along the way.

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Keeping the essential things, essential.